Why Marketers Need To Take Pinterest Seriously

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The advent of social media has opened hundreds of new opportunities to advertise and build booming brands nearly overnight. Understanding the benefits of Pinterest is essential for all social media and online marketers, whether you are blogging about cooking, representing a new fashion brand or marketing towards a specific audience and demographic. Pinterest is ideal to reach women and female entrepreneurs, making it a key factor in growing blogs and small websites today.

Ideal for SEO Purposes

Because of Pinterest’s skyrocketing success and growth in popularity, it quickly became a great platform for marketers due to its SEO, or search optimization purposes. SEO marketing is essential for most all online blogs and websites. With Pinterest, adding keywords, sharing URLs and distributing virtual pins is a quick way to boost any website’s overall ranking within some of the most popular search engines including Google, Yahoo! and even Bing.

Using search engine optimization with Pinterest is a way to cut corners from link-building while sharing legitimate content to keep followers, loyal fans and potential customers interested in what you share on a regular basis. The more consistently you update Pinterest and other social media platforms that allow hashtags and keyword-tracking, the easier it becomes to expand your reach while gaining exposure for your brand and the business you are building or representing yourself.

Create a Name for Your Brand Without Expensive Advertising

Creating a name for any business or brand is possible with Pinterest without the use of large advertising budgets. Advertising online can quickly become expensive, especially when using direct advertising approaches. Sharing new content with hundreds or even thousands of followers is free to do with Pinterest, giving marketers an entirely new platform to boost advertising revenue from users who discover their links during searches or through the uploading of new content.

Hashtags and Keywords

Pinterest allows for hashtags and keywords to be used to help with tracking content and allows users to search for uploading and shared virtual “pins” that are relevant. Using hashtags and keywords is another way to help with boosting SEO, as the keywords are linked to your URL when your blog or website receives new visitor using Pinterest as the source.

Build an Audience in Less Time

Gaining followers is much easier with Pinterest than other networks such as Facebook and Twitter, especially with the use of searchable hashtags and keywords. Adding numerous keywords, phrases and relevant acronyms any time you update new links and content to your brand’s Pinterest page is essential to help with building an audience and expanding your demographic in less time, whether you are promoting a local business or an online magazine for all.

Dominate a Specific Niche

Using Pinterest effectively as a marketer is a way to dominate a specific niche. Whether you are promoting new fashion trends, cooking recipes for low-carb dieters or DIY projects that are useful in the garden or around the home it is possible to dominate a specific market with the use of Pinterest. Be sure to conduct adequate keywords research and browse popular categories on Pinterest any time you are thinking of running new marketing campaigns or producing new content to help in shaping an image for any brand or business you represent online.

When marketers understand the need to take Pinterest seriously, it is possible to have drastic results on budgeting and overall marketing campaign costs. Knowing how to effectively put keywords and search engine optimization to use with Pinterest is a way to quickly gain exposure whether launching a new business or promoting an online eCommerce store.


Paisley Hansen

Paisley Hansen is a writer and blogger in health and fitness.

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