Tablet Devices Result in Better Adoption of your CRM Software – and Ways to Source Tablets for your Sales Team

Tablet Devices Result in Better Adoption of your CRM Software – and Ways to Source Tablets for your Sales Team

One of the main arguments detracting from the adoption of CRM software in the past is “I am not sure my sales team will use it”.  It is true, if you have a laptop, that if your job as a sales executive requires you spend 80 % of your work time in front of a customer, then access to your CRM system both to access information and to input data to your CRM system is difficult. Often it is an end of day activity to complete call reports, and complete all the communications necessary with your back office.

The Tablet device has changed all that.  We have seen at BluWave Software exponentially better adoption of the CRM software as our customers have moved from our old Advantage desktop CRM to the Web-based BluWave CRM solution. There are vast improvements – both with usage and input as well as better support of the rep by the CRM tools. Accessing BluWave CRM from your tablet device means you are now equipped while in front of a customer with all the info you need to manage the relationship effectively.  In addition you can respond instantaneously to customer requests with marketing literature and quotations.  You will have a real edge over less automated (and efficient) competitors. Moreover not only can you use the CRM and access and deliver data but you can also manage your web interface by routing web enquiries directly into your CRM system for immediate responses either from the sales team or through automatic responders.

Ok, so the next question would be how to source tablet devices for the sales team.  It was expected with laptops that the company would both purchase the device and control it with company firewalls, anti-virus web controls, face book blocks etc.  The tablet however is very different.  The company no longer needs the controls it used to need over the laptop device where the corporate CRM software was installed. The company makes the web-based CRM software available to the sales person through the internet. So the sales person can serve himself – he no longer needs the company laptop with company software installed.

Here are a few suggestions re sourcing of tablets:

  • Tablets can be sourced from the cellular service providers with a 2-year monthly data contract. Expect to pay R 400 a month over 2 years  for a 1 Gig data contract with a web-enabled Ipad Tablet.  Less for an Android (Samsung Galaxy) tablet. Mobile sales staff making use of BluWave CRM use about 10 mB and data per month for the application. Of course email would use considerably more bandwidth.
  • Most sales people subscribe to a cell phone contract where a new handset is included in your monthly fee every 2 years.  You can however take a tablet device as your upgrade device instead of a new cell phone.  My apple iPhone is now in year 5 of its life as I elected to take an Ipad instead of a cell upgrade.  You wont need the latest cell phone if you have a tablet device as it can do far more than your phone would.
  • If you implement BluWave CRM with your sales team whom is already equipped with laptops, you will find that the sales execs now have a good reason to acquire a tablet now that they can use if for their jobs. Many professional sales staff will make this purchase themselves in order to help them with their jobs.   I, myself , am not a gadget person but when I saw I could use the tablet for my CRM input I made the personal investment.  Christmas is coming and what better gadget to buy than a tablet – and you have great justification as it will now  improve your sales performance.

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