Stop The Presses! Something BIG! Is Coming

Stop The Presses! Something BIG! Is Coming

HEAL THE WORLD 4 US – Something BIG is coming!

An organization, spearheading a number of job creation projects, is very proud to introduce you to the “ONLY5 RAND COIN” project. This project has a long and colourful history of faith, grace and determination by a man on a mission. We will tell you the story behind this man and then about the coin. You will be intrigued and fascinated and you will want to know more!

Abraham Enzo van Vuuren, 50 years old, was always an “outside the box” thinker and had always had plans and ideas, but what happened to him was in a sense supernatural and set in motion a plan that would outgrow itself on a daily basis. This plan is all about job creation for a youth that is falling into drug abuse and sexual immorality, it’s all about education, it’s about farming God’s way, it’s about healthy living and it’s about saving our wildlife, more specific, the rhino’s plight for survival.

Enzo, as he is known by the media and friends saw that the world was getting more and more into a state of hopelessness. People knew that things were not right, but didn’t have the guts to do something about it. Our drinking water is in a dismal state and does more harm than good, our rhinos are being killed left right and centre, the health of the public in general is taking a turn for the worst, financial crisis upon financial crises is taking it’s toll on families, our youth is getting deeper and deeper into drug and alcohol abuse and so the list continues.

It started as a dream. To be able to make the world aware that there is hope and that there are better ways of living and that if we all put in the effort we can make a difference.

Please continue reading to find out how Enzo wanted to prove this point and be astounded at what has been achieved in a very short time frame….

As previously stated, Enzo is all about healthy living and in his fight against the pharmaceutical industry and their conventional, expensive medicines, with all of its bad side effects and the fight against bad drinking water he has discovered some natural products with unbelievable benefits. And it was during his campaign to get this natural medicine and “structured” water into the ignorant public’s eye that he decided to do something extreme, something that will definitely draw attention and get people to notice and to listen.

Enzo took hands with the ADASA a NPO and decided to get on a bicycle and Cycle 6 000km through the world to raise awareness of these issues and to create jobs for our youth.

Now, Enzo has always had an issue with a R5 coin, ever since a P.E. based Pastor handed him a R5 coin, one Sunday, after services, a long time ago and told him to do something good with it. There’s a long story about this coin and how it kept on gaining in value at the rate of tenfold with every transaction or changing of hands. While cycling, an idea shot into his head about building the biggest R5 coin the world has ever seen. The story needed telling and people needed education in matters far too long neglected. What if he could build this coin and use it to the advantage of the whole country? Is that not doing something good with his R5 coin?

From the conception of the idea plans developed so quickly that he could hardly keep up. The pace of the project was no longer set by him, but by a Higher Power. 100ha. of land was given to HEAL THE WORLD 4 US by ex-Springbok rugby player Ollie Le Roux on his farm near Bloemfontein. Steelco, a steel construction manufacturer immediately offered their services in the construction and people seemed to just come out of the woodwork with support for the idea. There was now no breaking and the project developed to the point of no return before anyone realized what had happened.

Through this introductory letter we want to introduce you to the concept and let the public know of what is coming, so, here goes.

The biggest R5 coin in the world will be located just outside of Bloemfontein. This coin will have a circumference of more than 4km and will cover roughly 1million square meters it will consist of a steel structure with a retractable roof and will, for the most part, be used as a green house to cultivate vegetables from heirloom seeds in a truly organic way.

But wait, there’s more!

Inside this, biggest coin will be a hotel, conference facilities, educational facilities, beautiful gardens, an amphi theatre and walkways to lead the public through this enchanting “farm”. Scholars and students will be able to study and be educated in the proper ways of farming and gardening, the way God intended it to be. The project will supply its own water and electricity and will have absolutely no adverse impact on the environment. It will become one of the biggest tourist attractions, this country has seen in a long time.

The roof will be covered with the words “In one God we trust” taken from Deuteronomy 6:4, as this project has been managed in total faith and could only get off the ground by the Grace of God. The project will create a vast number of job opportunities and will supply good nutritional vegetables to a lot of people. Vegetables, not grown from genetically modified organisms but, from clean heirloom seeds. There will be no poisons, toxins, inorganic fertilizers or any other form of danger in this coin. Only pure natural produce

But wait, there’s even more!

Bloemfontein cannot be the only place in the country benefiting from this project, so it was decided to erect 4 more coins throughout the rest of South Africa. The one in Bloemfontein is situated along the N1 route, so it was a natural decision to decide on George along the N2, Howick, along the N3, Nelspruit, along the N4 and Bethlehem, along the N5 routes. Although these other 4 coins will not be near the vast size of the main coin, there will still be numerous advantageous to the towns where they will be situated. The smaller coins will not have the hotel and all the other facilities, but it will still be used for vegetable farming and education of the community.

There is a lot more we could tell you, but we just wanted to introduce you to the concept for now. This introduction will be followed up by some more news and progress reports, as we move along, but for now, you will have to take a peek at our facebook pages, namely; only 5 rand, Abraham Enzo van Vuuren, Mourn 4 Rhinos and the Orphanage 4 Baby Rhinos. Please take a look at these pages and see more about our other projects and learn about Enzo and his progress. We ask that you “like” our pages and if you require anymore information, please feel free to drop us a mail or post a message on any of the above facebook pages.

Watch this space and be amazed!

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