Reasons Why People Are Crazy After Apple’s iPhone 6s


I have always been confused about people’s obsession about iPhones. People keep waiting eagerly for the big launch of the latest iPhones. The pre-order list these extend to such a point that they go out of stock letting customers wait for hours to have a piece of it in all the apple’s retail store all over the globe.

But when I came across iPhone 6s, then I got to know the reason behind this obsession. —- It is a 4.7-inch device with a battery backup of 24 hours and a 3G network combined with a lot more cool features that make customers go crazy.

3D Touch is a standard feature of this phone which even senses the pressure of the finger press. It also allows converting your keyboard into a trackpad for faster typing. It allows peeking and popping on emails and texts to register for different sources. Another crazy thing is that using the 6S camera, one can take a live photo too. Using those live photos we can use a moving image as background wallpaper.

You can access the applications right from the home screen directly without going into them. This is done by the 3D touch factor leading to faster access to the apps. Here the spotlight customization displays recent contacts, apps, news, and also links to restaurants and coffee shops nearby. Even the search option is very simple and fast. The search bar on the top gives you fast result once you type the requirements in the box and then press enter.

Under the Mobile Data section, there is another interesting option which is called the Wi-Fi Assist. It will help you to use the internet by supplying some of your cellular data if the Wi-Fi signal is slow.

Great technology!


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