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With more mobile users who want to be connected with different people or advertise products and services, there is no doubt that social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter would continue to be patronized and be on top of the ranks. Aside from these, a number of promising ones, such as the following four apps listed below, are also available that you should try and start using in 2015.

Social Media Apps You Should Be Using in 2015

1. Shots

You are definitely in sync with this app if you find these statements true:

·         Taking selfies is your hobby and expertise.

·         It’s embarrassing to upload your selfie picture because you feel like it doesn’t belong in the scenery and food shot uploads in your other app feeds.

·         You don’t want to be judged and bullied from your selfie uploads.

If you’re a fan of Justin Bieber, then you might have already heard of this app. Shots allows to be a safe haven where people, especially the teens, can express themselves in any way they want positively. While the app only uses the phone’s front-facing camera, it can be described as “safe” because comments to selfies cannot be left so the cases of cyber bullying are prevented. Also, people can only reply with a picture as well, which is a unique feature.

What makes Shots a more ideal app is that the number of followers is not counted to avoid popularity wars. The pride of receiving more followers would be gone through this app. The uploaded pictures cannot be shared as well to limit the creation of fake profiles and identity theft. Additionally, hash tags do not take effect so that uploads with malicious contents such as nudity would not be searched.

2. Bubbly

From images and photo-sharing app, Bubbly is a social media app that is voice-centric. This is where short voice messages can be recorded, edited and shared to your network. Before posting, you may add effects, filters and background music to your voice.

If you are not fond of writing but speaking or singing, your dreams of having a blog and letting your voice heard are served with Bubbly. Known as “Twitter with a voice,” you may create your own voice blog here where you may share your thoughts, song covers or even your own music.

Your uploads may also be liked and receive comments to know what your listeners think of your shared opinion or song composition. Through this app, you just won’t realize that you’d be the next renowned speaker or artist/singer to be discovered.

3. Line

While most people already have communication apps downloaded on their phones, one app you shouldn’t miss is Line. It is actually similar to any other messaging app where you may send text, photos and voice messages and chat through high quality voice or video calls that are all for free. But Line is different and a lot better from the others because of its added features.

Line has a timeline feature where you can share your thoughts, photos and stickers to your friends. Fun and cute stickers that may be your favorite cartoon character or celebrity from the Sticker Shop are available for download too.

To further entice users, you may add celebrities, brands and TV shows to your network to receive the latest updates and even discount coupons or promos from them. Thanks to the Flash to HTML5 conversion, this Line application is also available for laptop and desktop computer users.

4. Secret

People are always curious and interested especially if it is a secret. Secret is an app similar to Twitter where you may post messages within your network while being unidentified. Because of this, you may share your secrets in the public without getting known that those are yours. In turn, you also ge t to be aware of your friends or coworkers’ updates and secrets while also not knowing who from your connections posted them which make it exciting. This gossip app allows the joining conversations and sharing of opinions anonymously, too.

Because there had been issues on this app, a new version has been released recently where it lets users add anonymous posts to three completely separate groups which include your friends and their friends, your colleagues at work and those nearby. This means that a post in one group will not be available and be seen in the other two groups.

You also have to sign up with your company email to confirm your employer for the work group. And if you wish to discuss a post with someone, you could also chat privately and remain anonymous throughout the conversation. The messages would get deleted after 24 hours of idle time.


As an increasing number of people start to engage more with the community and with the latest news, social media apps are certainly taking the spots of being highly supported by more users. As they search for more applications suited for them, these new and unique featured apps can surely deliver the interests of many.

Mishka Tolentino
Mishka Tolentino is a business student at University of Westminster. She is a freelance writer, web enthusiast and social advocate. She spends her free time listening to classical music and taking creative snapshots. Follow her on twitter @mishkatolentino.
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