8 Elements Necessary To Create A Performance Culture

Performance Culture

Samuel Seeff, chairman of well-known property group Seeff Properties, says for any company to be successful, a culture of performance needs to prevail. As a guest lecturer, he spoke to a USB MBA class about the importance of a performance culture.

He told the students there are eight elements needed for a culture of performance to flourish:

1. Vision

The vision is like a GPS or compass of the company. You have to be clear on what the purpose of the company is, where it is going, and how it is going to get there.

2. Shared vision

This is a necessity because everyone involved in the company, from top management to the people on the ground, must be aware of the company’s vision. It creates a culture of trust as challenging questions and attitudes can be allowed, and these differences can be managed. With a performance culture one understands that you cannot be right all the time.

3. Leading from the top

The vision of a company must be run from the top. Often it’s not articulated but it’s still important to try as everyone must buy into this vision.

4. Discipline

A strong level of discipline is needed for the company to perform. This relates to how we carry out certain actions that form part of our job. It allows a company to stay on course despite ups and downs in the market.

5. Internalising actions

A culture of performance is a learnt behaviour. When something happens we deal with it instinctively.

6. Innovation

A company can’t stick to the same formula just because it has worked in the past. You must be open to new innovations.

7. On-going measurement

Performance must be measured in order to be maintained.

8. Energy and passion

You can’t teach enthusiasm. Skills mean nothing if there is not a will to make it happen. ?

Seeff said different companies have different ways of how they do things, but essentially these eight elements must be present in order to have a culture of performance.


Samuel Seeff, chairman of well-known property group Seeff Properties

SOURCE:     http://www.leader.co.za/

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