Why Google+ Will Demand Our Attention in 2014

Google Plus

Now that brands can email their followers on Google+, something that Facebook doesn’t allow them to, it opens up a whole new avenue for marketers to explore. Google was probably feeling the burden of losing out to other social media platforms, and decided to re-work its strategy for 2014. The following updates make me feel confident that Google+ is here to stay in the years to come.

1. Google segregated emails into Inbox, Social, & Promotional, which improved overall user experience. Google understood that people do want to read promotional messages, but they don’t want to be interrupted when they want to access their inbox – especially at work or in school.

2. Google integrated YouTube comments with Google+, and allowed content creators (brands or others) to interact with real people. People that couldn’t hide behind the mask of anonymity.

3. Google allowed brands to email followers on Google+. The email would probably be in their promotional or social folder, but open rates are going to go through the roof with this new integration. We’re probably going to go from 0.05% to 3-5% on emails from Google+ communities.

What was really interesting to see in 2013, was the top user category on G+, from the guys at GPlusData. It was Marketing. Marketing was the top job category on Google+. Why? Because marketers knew they had to be on Google+; but didn’t know why. Google + saw this and probably considered overhauling its current processes.

Google+ Insight:- Some people aren’t allowed to access Facebook and Twitter from work. It’s banned at a browser level. However, Google+ is not. Hence, a lot of people use Google+ from work, when they can’t access FB and TW on their computers. You’ve got their undivided attention for 8 potential hours; use this time to give them engaging content and meaningful discussions.

Remember Dan Pink‘s rule for motivation - AutonomyMastery, & Purpose. Give your audience a community that allows them to do these three things and you’ve got an engaged user for life.

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Sanchit Khera

Hi there. My name is Sanchit Khera, and I blog about marketing, technology, and psychology. Like many of us, I too get frustrated about the quality of advertising and marketing out there. It’s 2013, and we’re still selling products and services like its 1969.

SOURCE: www.socialmediatoday.com

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