Using Pinterest As A Powerful Marketing Tool

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By now you have probably heard about Pinterest as a place to pin recipes, crafts, and other fascinating ideas to share with the world. Did you also know it can also be used as part of your content marketing strategy? With over 70 million users, this social media platform can be used as a way to connect with consumers, potentially driving more sales to your website or business. Before you begin pinning every page on your website and blog, take the following tips into consideration to create a more effective marketing tool using Pinterest.

  1. Download the Widget

Don’t make your audience work to pin one of your website pages; instead, make it easy for them to tell all of their followers about your company. Add the “Pin It” widget to your website to allow viewers to pin any page on your website that they like. This could be a product page, an article, or even your home page. Whatever they decide to post on their board will only help gain exposure for your company.

  1. Inform Your Facebook and Twitter Followers

Post a status update or tweet letting your fans know about your Pinterest account by giving them the link. By doing this, they will be able to follow your company and will know every time you have added a new pin to your board.

  1. Add More Than Just Links

People love pictures. Infographics are a great way to add all of the information that can be found in an article using images instead. Also, pictures from your office, store, or event that includes customers or employees will help your audience connect the company with a real person. Every image should also have your logo located in an easy-to-see area so that every time the picture is pinned, your logo will also be shared.

  1. Engage With Other Pinners

Instead of constantly posting links and pictures to your boards, waiting for people to follow or pin it, take some time to engage with other people in your community. Is there an article you liked? Pin it. Do you have an opinion about something that was posted? Leave a comment. Getting involved with other people or businesses that are posting information or pictures relevant to your boards will help you connect with others who could become customers in the near future.

Pinterest continues to explode in popularity and combining it with your other social media outlets will enhance your brand exposure.

Kristin Hovde

Kristin Hovde

Website Manager, Smash Hit Displays

Kristin Hovde is the Website Manager and blogger for Smash Hit Displays, an online trade show display company. Along with keeping our website updated with the latest trade show display products, she writes about trade show and digital marketing tips. Kristin has also written several guest blogs for websites, such as TSNN, Map-Dynamics, The Trade Show Coach, and Events in America.



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