Top 5 Social Media Tricks For 2015

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In any profession, the end of the year is a great time to reflect on all of your successful endeavors over the past 365-days. The same can be said for the constant changing landscape of social media marketing. Whether you have drastically increased your organic following on Twitter or launched your first successful paid advertising campaign on Facebook, give yourself a pat on the back for everything that you were able to pull-off on the social frontier during the calendar year.

With more and more businesses and individuals flocking to social media, the New Year is also a great time to look for areas where you can improve your online presence. Based on the success and failures of our past campaigns, we wanted to share 5 social media tricks that should be incorporated into your social media strategy in 2015.

Current Events:

What is the popular news-taking place in the world and how can you relate this to your business? Since we specialize in divorce law, when there is a celebrity breakup, we make sure to share the information and provide tips on how recently divorced individuals can avoid certain pitfalls that come with divorce.

If you run the social media marketing for a business, make sure to stay up-to-date with all of the current events taking place. This will increase interaction, as people are interested in popular news currently taking place.

Invest in a Graphic Designer:

We love posting info-graphics with statistics onto Facebook and our website. We find it crucial for our social and web strategy to invest in a graphic designer. Since we create our own posts, it only takes the designer 45-minutes per week to create our entire social and web graphics for the week. Especially if you have a large following, investing in a graphic designer is a no brainer, as images will increase your interaction. If you are looking for a cheaper route and still want professional photos, look into BigStock.

Provide Extremely Relevant Information:

The attorneys at our firm meet on a weekly basis and jot down 5 bullet points that we know our followers will value. We have noticed a huge spike in interaction when we are actually posting relevant information from case studies at our firm, opposed to just finding random facts on the internet. Whether you are running the social media for your business or someone else’s, it is your responsibility to learn the ins and outs of the business so you can properly inform their social following.

Sense of Humor:

Not ever social media post should pertain to your business; otherwise, your content will get stale. When people are on social media, they don’t want everything to be so serious. Be sure to maintain a sense of humor on your companies social media account, even if you are a divorce attorney.

Outperform Yourself:

We mentioned at the beginning of the article to give yourself a pat on the back for the work you accomplished in 2014. If you want to CRUSH IT on social media in 2015, make sure to outperform all of the benchmarks that you set for the previous year.

If you grew your following by 25%, why not increase your following by 50% in 2015? Right now is the perfect time to formulate your new strategy for the upcoming year so you can continue your social media dominance.


Christian Denmon

Attorney, Denmon & Denmon

Christian Denmon is an attorney at the law firm Denmon & Denmon. In addition to being one of the topTampa Divorce Lawyers and most trusted Tampa Car Accident Lawyer, Christian has a strong background when it comes to marketing. As the founder of his Personal Injury law firm, online marketing has become an intgral part in growing his practice. Christian has had content published in the Huffington Post and the Tampa Bay Times. He will share his insight through blog posts on social media today about his exciting journey utilizing online marketing.

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