The Twelve Management Principles

1. Clearly state the purpose and mission of your business.
Set high objectives that are noble, just and fair.
2. Set specific goals.
Once targets are set, share them with all employees.
3. Keep a passionate desire in your heart.
Your desire must be strong and persistent to penetrate into your subconscious mind.
4. Strive harder than anyone else.
Work steadily and diligently, one step at a time, never relenting in tedious tasks.
5. Maximize revenues and minimize expenses.
Measure your inflow and control your outflow; don’t chase profit, but let it follow your effort.
6. Pricing is management.
Pricing is top management’s responsibility: to find that one point where customers are happy and the company is most profitable.
7. Success is determined by willpower.
Business management requires a persistent, “rock-piercing” will.
8. Possess a fighting spirit.
Management requires a more combative mentality than any martial art.
9. Face every challenge with courage.
Be fair and never deceive others.
10. Always be creative in your work.
Innovate and improve continuously. Today should be better than yesterday; tomorrow, better than today.
11. Be kind and sincere.
Business is based on partnerships and must bring happiness to all parties.
12. Always be cheerful and positive; hold great dreams and hopes in the pureness of your heart.


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