Social Media Daily To-Do List: 10 Essential Tasks

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So your business has a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn AND Google Plus account. How in the world can you possibly keep up with this many Social Media accounts without working a million hours a day or paying top dollar for a Social Media manager?

Often times companies think they can treat their social media accounts similar to their website in that they can just create an account and let it sit there while it grows on its own. However that is just not the case. Companies quickly realize that Social Media is a hands on time consuming job that can take up large chunks of time. Whether as a business owner you decide to manage your Social Media accounts on your own or you hire a Social Media manager it is a big job. Do not worry though, there is a solution! The key is to break things down into small steps and work on them daily rather than letting them build up.

By following the below daily checklist you will not only grow your Social Media presence but you will save time as well.

1. Sign in

First things first, in order to do anything you need to take the first step and log into your accounts.  

2. Check messages, comments & replies

People are putting in the effort to reach out to you so you need to return the favor. Timely responses to questions & comments can make the difference between retaining a customer and losing one.

3. Damage control if necessary

Bad review on Yelp? Seeing complaints on Twitter or Facebook? Actively search out for people who have had a bad experience with your company or service. Conduct damage control in trying to rectify the situation. Potential customers will see these reviews and if they see you put in effort to resolve the situation they will be more likely to appreciate you and your business.

4. Post fresh content

Make a habit of posting something new on all networks at least once a day. Share an interesting article, a picture, video, quote or ask your followers a question. Use a Social Media management tool such as HootSuite to post on all your networks at once or schedule your posts for a specific time.

 5. Reach out to at least 3 of your followers

Maintaining and developing relationships is important. By reaching out to your followers it shows you are interested and will keep you on top of their mind.

6. Reach out to at least 3 new people

By reaching out to people who are not following you is a good way to introduce yourself and you company and to expand your network. Often times when you put in the effort to re-tweet or reply to someone’s post they will start following you back as well.

 7. Monitor competitor and industry mentions

See what people are saying about relevant mentions of your industry and competitors. Get involved in online discussions going on. It is a good way to connect with potential followers and become a thought leader in your industry.  

8. Brainstorm future posts

Take some time each day and find or create interesting things to share so you can create a bank of shareable material. This way each day you don’t have to search or create something new and you can use material that you have already saved or created previously.

 9. Check your stats

It’s important to keep up with how much your effort is paying off. Management tools such as Hootsuite as mentioned above can provide you analytics on all your social media accounts rather than signing in one by one to each site. Are you gaining new followers? Is your content being shared? Checking on your stats will help you see which types of posts are most and least popular so that you spend more time sharing things your followers will enjoy.

10. Bonus points

Check your Facebook home page for birthdays, endorse or recommend someone on LinkedIn or Re-Tweet someone on Twitter. Special gestures like these show your willingness to go above and beyond and help cultivate long lasting relationships with your followers.

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Saman Kouretchian

Saman Kouretchian is an online marketing consultant, blogger, project manager and social media addict involved in the tech industry. Interests include fashion, sports, entertainment, tech industry & business. Part time data geek mixed with a creative and strategic mindset he strives to stay on top of the latest industry trends.





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