Quick Guide To Select The Perfect Selfie Stick

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Cameras slowly got replaced by smart phones and now the regular image clicks are replaced by selfies. The selfie mania is taking all over and to take this trend further, companies have come up with selfie sticks. The advent of selfie stick has completely eliminated the need of cameraman as you can take a group photo easily by holding your phone at distance with this light weight stick. There is no much technology involved but yes the idea behind this sleek stick is very successful. Buying the selfie stick may not seem to be a rocket science as it is simple stick with mobile holder on the other hand but still look at this quick guide to make the right purchase.perfect Selfie Stick


Compatible with your device

While all these sticks look similar, you may check out for the one that is compatible to your device. It should hold your mobile in place else you will end up breaking your mobile. Check the selfie stick practically by placing the mobile phone in the holder. Think of the situation where you are all ready for the click and the phone is dropped and shattered. So, compatibility should always top your mind.

Lightweight design

You would be placing your mobile at one end of the selfie stick, which would surely add to its weight. Now, if the selfie stick is also weighing high, then it would be difficult to hold it in one place. The selfie will also get affected if the stick is not steady. So, opt for only lightweight design that you can lift comfortably.

Easy to hold

The holding end of the stick should be provided with grooves to give you proper grip. The slippery surface is strictly not recommended. Good quality selfie sticks always come with grooves at the holding end. Again the phone stand on the other hand is also designed to offer proper grip to the phone. If buying from retail outlet then hold different varieties to find the one that best suits your hand. While buying it online, check out for customer-friendly return policy like Latestone.com as it will give your peace of mind.

Stick with Bluetooth

The standard selfie stick has received something extra in the form of Bluetooth connectivity. You may not need timer setting for picture clicking in this type of sticks. You can click the picture with the help of the button provided at the holding end of the selfie stick. The only drawback of this type of selfie stick is that it also requires charging and if it runs out of battery in the mid of the click then it would spoil your click too. If you are ready to risk that one click against many other quick clicks then go for it.

Apart from the above guidelines, there are other points like budget, ease of availability and sturdy design that also govern the selection. You would find all options on online portals like Latestone.com and the selection would also get easier.


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