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Introduction on Reader’s   

It is very interesting to know that there are many people starting from the family we live in and the number of people we meet across daily since mentioning them all will take an entire day. What they do while they get off time from the work or a lunch break and what are your plans for tomorrow’s lunch break? Maybe, just like many other people you don’t have any plans. Many workers had to stop going out with co-workers during their lunches and replaced tasty meal at favorite café with quick snack at the office.

One recent survey carried out by Right Management consultants concluded that 34% of employees eat lunch mostly at their desks. At the same time, 16% of them skip lunch at all. 15% don’t let themselves to go on break if they have lots of work and 35% said they try to always have lunch.  Why are employees giving up their meals?  Experts say that this phenomenon is caused by more often layoffs, and the fact that the amount of work didn’t decrease along with it.

We all have friends, brothers, sisters, mother and father but do we ever ask them what they do on a daily basis? What is their daily routine? So you can find a lot of people around yourself doing something or the other and what they do in leisure time or lunch breaks is quite interesting don’t you think? So let us find out ourselves…

Highlights and Interest Area

As from the points mentioned above in the introduction there will be a focus upon the different interest areas, the nature of work, the different people around us do and what still keeps them refreshed and energetic as nutrition plays an important role in our food habits.

We all have busy timetables and daily work routines in our day-to-day life but are we happy what we do or are we satisfied with the nature of work that we perform daily? key ingredient which adds into this is the lunch break.

Some of us read books, while some of us share posts on social media and the foody ones keep searching for new recipes or watch cookery shows like Master Chef.  Some of us read about animals, culture, history, etc. Now what I mean to say is reading is not only restricted to just the written scripts that we find in the e books- kindle joy, journal, newspapers – it includes the basic headlines and then sports section, classifieds including real estate information, jobs, tenders, livestock and kennels services, celebrity section etc. Collection of facts and so on. Please have a look in the two images below, which clearly signifies a stressed person in the left picture whereas to the right side is a calm and composed person sitting and relaxing on a chair with a book. Both of them are different personalities though they are women.


Here is how we need to spare time for ourselves and do what we like to do in the lunch break which we get we are free and we can do anything according to what we feel like doing either having lunch and doing our work or simply taking a break and relaxing on the chair or simply just changing the lunch break into not available or not working here anymore. Well that is hilarious to say so instead it should be either like not available at desk from a specified time i.e. 1.30pm to 2.00pm. For a healthy atmosphere and work culture, it’s important that employees or students or different segment of people get a minimal of 45 minutes to 1 hour of time.

Most of us are fond of surfing new things happening in the region, some of us like to read about beautiful and mysterious places, horror stories or to visit a restaurant on a weekend. What do we do before we go to a restaurant? Well we search it through the internet and read the reviews regarding the same as to how many stars and feedback it has received from the people who already have visited the place likewise it happens with every place. It’s important that people should get ample time to have their lunch and still have some time left for reading purpose.


Reading not only helps us to learn new things or facts but it also helps us to minimize the pressure and stress from long hours of work or study. The fact behind it is it helps you to get a distraction from your present state of mind to what you feel to do as per your interest area or what you love doing.


Emma Rundle student, blogger and freelance writer for EduBirdie. Emma is a passionate reader. Her main rule: if you have five-minute break it is nothing better than to read an interesting book.


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