India’s Backup In Cyber Security


I don’t have any issues with our present government, not because they are doing work with perfection or that I’m not interested in political topics but I believe that they still have time to formulate things. On top priority in this list, I believe should be cyber security concern.

Going through news headlines and those page 2 and 4 news tags, narrating, one or the other website getting hacked, I wonder is this some kind of game we are playing (the one we saw in Matrix trilogy). Last time the implemented projects in this sector were from the house of congress, let that be than NCCC, NCIPC, NCTC, NETRA, Natgrid etc. However the glitches never left us alone. The issue isn’t about university websites getting hacked it looks like these websites are their training assignments to hit something big.

Internet these days is an invincible part of our day to day life, day begins being online and ends with your last mail of the day or searching some good restaurant around for family dinner. Let that be sharing vital security related information by personals sitting at higher positions or the lifeline of any nation, banks. While each of them gets there daily operations done over internet, we are still waiting for India’s first CISO to get off the vibrate mode and looking anxiously at Nasscom to come up with a task force to present a cyber security plan.

When formulated in 2013 for the first time, National Cyber Security Policy looked to be dawn for the Indian Cyber Security era but with moving time it all proved to be sinking in murk. Even after giving this policy Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (India) didn’t achieved the trust mark they were supposed to. Expectations like winning confidence in IT system and transactions in cyberspace, creating assurance that the work and data is secured or let us say providing secure cyberspace ecosystem.

Talking about facts and figures shared for the year 2013, India waved off approximately $ 8 billion; reason being cyber attacks. A survey reports say that around 50 percent social networking users faced cyber security breaches and believe me it’s still counting. For people in general it could be unawareness of creating a secure password (alpha numeric), taking backup, phishing sites, encryption etc. but what will you say, when websites of renowned business houses and educational institutes get hacked.

These minute acts aren’t just sign of mischief done by smart idle minds but is indeed a signal to the threat coming ahead over the nation’s security. It could be through terrorism, Banking, IT or any other mode like delivering false information to people of nation or delivering secured information to the enemies. By the end all I would say is it’s high time for the Indian government to make some strict policy fight against cyber terrorism and simultaneously bring backup in cyber security. May be that’ll be the day we’ll grow with security and ease.


Vaishnavi Agrawal

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