Getting Referrals & Repeats: How To Stay Connected To Your Network

Referral Marketing

Intuitively, we all know that when we’re off the radar, we’re not on our clients’ minds. At the same time, every attorney knows that referrals and returning clients are some of their strongest sources of business. So, how do you stay connected? How do you stay on their radar?

I will begin with a well-known marketing principle – the Law of 7 Touches. Under this theory of thought, it takes seven meaningful touches to make a lasting impression on someone. In today’s marketplace of over access to everything, we may, in fact, need more than seven touches.

Look at Twitter – it is a constant stream of updating statuses. One tweet is irrelevant 10 minutes – or in some cases one minute – later. The world – and your prospect – has moved on to the next latest blurb. In this overly saturated world, the marketing world has accepted that this number is now somewhere around 12.

Defining Meaningful

So what differentiates between a meaningful touch and a normal, entirely unremarkable touch? Running through a networking event and talking at everyone for a moment is not sufficient. You need to make a lasting positive impression at least 12 times to remain relevant in the eyes of your prospective client or prospective referral source.

Here are some easy and meaningful ways to reach out to your network:

  • Host a seminar and invite contacts to attend.
  • Call up your former clients and check in with them; see how they’re doing.
  • Attend a local networking event and make a point to listen to other attorneys.
  • Attend a networking event in the industry you serve – ask attendees questions about their needs, their concerns, etc.
  • Schedule lunch with an old referral contact and catch up.
  • If you see some information on a topic of interest to a client or colleague, forward it on.





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