Client Champions: Build Advocates And Mobilize Them

Client Champions


If you spend time discussing practical business solutions with business leaders, you are soon disappointed in hearing that there are no real golden rules that apply across all situations.  Leaders are willing to share principles but not to commit to saying ‘do this one thing and you will be successful’.

If you are used to hearing this, than you are in for a treat.  I am willing to commit myself to at least one golden rule that will ensure success in sales.  There is this one golden sales rule that applies to business-to-business selling in all industries and it relates to all management levels:  Your sales performance is directly correlated to your relationship with the decision makers within your clients’ companies.

What are Client Champions?

Firstly, it is important to acknowledge that you cannot have a relationship with a company.  A company is an abstract representation of the goals and ambitions of a group of people.   However, companies are made up of people and one can have a relationship with a person.

The highest possible client relationship stage that you can reach is when you have turned your client into a Client Champion – someone that promote your product and services as a brand to other influencers/decision makers.  Client Champions are the ultimate measure of success as a sales person.  All successful consultants have managed to grow a couple of their clients into Client Champions and they reap the benefit of these relationships with not just repeat business but also new business through client referrals.  If you are currently finding it difficult to reach your target on a regular basis, chances are that you don’t have any real Client Champions.

Grow Client Champions = Grow Your Sales

This one golden secret to sales success tries to convey the absolute importance of the decision makers within your client companies.  If you get to transform decision makers into Client Champions, they will ensure that you would get the bulk of the business within their companies on your behalf.

Client Champions are not necessarily the people that you get along with.  In most of the cases they are actually those people that could be very demanding; that could be drama-queens; that could even be somewhat unfriendly – but in all cases they are the ones that bring the money in for you.

Remember:  A company does not decide who they do business with; it is individuals inside the company do.  Making a special effort with only a couple of people could lead to more and more business.

Elmen Lamprecht

Elmen has extensive experience working with teams. His experience in leading teams from a very young age extends through many spheres of business and politics. He holds two post-graduate degrees in Psychology and Theology. For more than a decade, Elmen has used his experience to inspire top sales performance from himself and the teams that he has managed.

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