7 to-dos On Your Daily Social Media Calendar

Social Media Calendar

A digital media professional has to spend a significant part of his day on social media, identifying brand new opportunities to sell his offerings to potential clients. Social media offers a new and proactive way to know more about the industry and also engage with potential audiences at the same time. However, most people will still see this as playing around on Facebook and the like, all day long.

This notion is not true. Here are the tasks to be carried out as part of the the daily social media agenda:

1. Make posts during prime time

Posts on social media usually go live first thing in the morning and continue through the workday. The majority of the social media campaigns exist within the workday framework, which in the US means 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST and an average commute of 25.4 minutes. This constitutes social media’s prime time, and you should be targeting most of your messages to be posted during these hours.

While you may schedule your posts from before, remember to keep the content as valuable and timely as possible, and that it should reflect the desired brand persona with a specific voice, strategy and campaign.

2. Listen attentively to your existing and target audience

Pay close attention to the different conversations of your existing and desired audiences on the various social media platforms. This would help you get a feel and understanding of their social media activities, and let you flag and save content that you can share with them later.

3. Analyze your data

Analyze your findings to get an insight into the interests of the audience. Seek answers to questions such as which posts are successful and why? Try unearthing long-term trends.

Monitoring of demographic information, performance stats, trending topics and referral traffic will help you maintain a successful social media footprint.

4. Engage effectively with your followers and fans

Respond to the queries or notifications from your followers in a time-bound fashion.  A prompt response will make your audience feel valued and they would be willing to scale their engagement with you.

Reach out to new audiences, mention your loyal followers and identify the future fans.

5. Deliver value to the audience

Deliver value to your audience through fresh and useful content. Post a blog on your website, thereby giving your audience a valid reason to keep revisiting the site and pay due attention to social media initiatives. Be relevant and up-to-date, and share updates from a trusted news source which underscores the nature and interest of your brand offering.

6. Meet your team

It is necessary for any upcoming social media campaign to be coordinated thoroughly and seamlessly with your marketing and sales teams. This also provides the social media manager with the necessary insights for broadcasting notable press mentions and brand developments.

Therefore, meeting and coordinating with your existing sales and marketing teams is another important activity that must be undertaken.

7. Review and modify

It is important to review your audience’s response to the posts throughout the day and accordingly modify the next day’s social media plan. Let us not forget that social media management constitutes a 24/7 activity, and involves adapting to the emerging trends and technology, as and when they evolve.

By leveraging social media appropriately, it is therefore possible to create a loyal and dedicated client-base; one that will help reap the benefits of the social media revolution.


Rohit RoyNews Editor – MarTech Advisor

Rohit Roy is MarTech Advisor’s News Editor. By profession, he is also a well-rounded B2B marketer with deep experience and interest in all things marketing technologies. He has over 5 years of work experience in a plethora of technology tools to manage and automate every area of marketing. Rohit earned his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Symbiosis International University and also pursuing his MBA Executive from there. Have a press release or breaking news to share? Email us at: news@martechadvisor.com

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