5 Simple Social Media Strategies To Build Your Email List

Social media continues to evolve into a fundamental tool for most business owners. If you aren’t leveraging certain social media platforms in your marketing, then you are missing out on an opportunity to build your email list.

Today, I am going to share 5 strategies that will help you convert your followers into qualified prospects.

Strategy #1 – How To Collect Leads From Facebook

Did you know that most of your Facebook fans are just “merely interested” in your product and service? It’s true. The vast majority of companies spend their money on ads that do nothing but promote offers to their audience. Unfortunately, that’s why most businesses are losing money on Facebook.

The key to generating leads on Facebook is by providing thoughtful and useful content. If you understand the core desires and needs of your audience, they will reciprocate by giving you their attention. Once you establish their trust, you can present them with an opportunity to either subscribe to your email list or direct them to one of your own web properties. In general, Facebook is not a platform that should be used for direct sales. Understanding the mindset of your fans will give you a substantial advantage in your marketing.

Strategy #2 – Generating Leads By Sending Fans Off Facebook

Instead of directing your followers straight to a squeeze page, you should direct them to a blog post. Your blog will most likely be the central hub of your business. You can do this organically, or by promoting a content driven post on your Facebook page. This will allow you to further educate them with valuable content, but also entice them to take the next logical step in your marketing sequence.

You can do this in a variety of ways:

  • Use pop-ups when your reader visits and exits your blogs. If the reader isn’t interested in providing their email, they can simply click “No Thanks” and continue reading your article.
  • Position banners at the footer of your blog that solicit your readers email address. Make sure to offer a widget that is relevant to the content in the blog post. For example, if your article is about the Paleo Diet, then you should offer a free guidebook or mini course about nutrition.
  • Use specific calls to action in the blog post. If you consistently deliver value to your reader, you can explicitly tell them to take the next step in your sequence. (Example – “If you want to learn more about the Paleo Diet, then click here to download my free nutrition guidebook”).

Optimizing your blog for lead generation comes down to knowing your market. Each piece of content you create should speak to the primary goals and frustrations of your audience. Remember, your reader will most likely not be ready to purchase one of your products initially. Although you should always present them with an opportunity to buy, your focus should be building your email list. When you have an email funnel that converts, you can make your money back within the first 30 days.

Strategy #3 – Generating Leads By Keeping Users On Facebook

Facebook understands that building an email list is absolutely paramount for virtually any business. They have recently begun testing “Lead Ads”, which has the potential to be a profitable, powerful new tool for entrepreneurs.Lead Ads simplify opt-in forms and allow fans to subscribe to your email list in a matter of seconds.

By using calls to action such as a simple “Subscribe” button, Facebook will automatically populate the users name and email address (assuming they provide accurate information in their personal profiles). This avoids the hassle of redirecting your prospect to a squeeze page away from Facebook.

In general, the more information that is required, the fewer leads you will generate into your business. However, Lead Ads has solved this issue by automatically pulling the required data from the user. This will enhance the user experience by saving time and keeping them on Facebook. It will also increase your conversion rates by minimizing the traditional opt-in process. Overall, this seems like a win for everybody.

Lead Ads is currently still in the testing phase, but be on the lookout. I believe this tool will have a profound impact on mobile ads once it’s released to the general public. With just two quick taps on a screen, qualified prospects can continue to opt-in to your email list.

Strategy #4 – Optimize Your Videos With Annotations

If you’re not already leveraging annotations on your YouTube channel, then you’re missing out on a ton of potential leads. Annotations are clickable links with direct calls to action that you can insert into your videos. They can be used to promote your products, YouTube channel, or other social media channels. However, none of these strategies will most likely convert your viewer into a long-term customer. Instead, you should focus on building your email list with video. 

Your annotations should direct viewers to a landing page that offers relevant, useful content. Lets use my martial arts online business as an example. As you can see, the video below is titled “Two Tricky Side Control Escapes.” The annotation offers a free eBook that teaches smaller grapplers how to beat bigger opponents.

Addressing a specific frustration related to the content in the video will entice your viewer to click. Directing them to a high converting landing page will ensure that you are building your brand, not just your YouTube channel.

You can never rely on your viewer to watch your entire video. Therefore, you need to create the right calls to action at the proper times. Annotations should be positioned in the opening seconds of each one of your videos. Each annotation should be explicit and obvious to your visitor. Often times, the best way to get your viewer to subscribe is by simply telling them.

Strategy #5 – Repurpose Your Videos

Social media is all about serializing your content. The videos on your YouTube channel can be repurposed across other social media platforms. This will generate more traffic, which will inevitably result in more leads for your business. You can do this in a variety of ways:

  • YouTube: Embed YouTube videos into your blog. Then, create articles that summarize the content of the video. This will increase the perceived value of your blog posts and increase the number of views on your YouTube channel. More views will always equal more leads.
  • Facebook: Leverage these video blog posts on your Facebook page. By bringing fans into your personal web space, you can continue to provide value and entice them to subscribe to your email list.
  • Twitter: In your 140 character tweet, include a link to your YouTube video. When engaging with your followers, post an additional link that directs them to a high converting landing page.
  • Instagram: Take snippets of your videos and upload them to Instagram. This will make it consumable for everyone who doesn’t have time to watch your entire video. Your profile should include a link to your blog. If your blog is optimized to collect leads (pop-ups, banners, direct calls to action), you will be able to build your email list through Instagram.
  • YouTube: End your YouTube videos with another short video. Include a call to action that directs your viewers to a landing page. This may require outsourcing, but it will be well worth it in the end.

In today’s world of social media, most people prefer video. Leveraging your content in multiple channels will increase your engagement, email list, and bottom line sales.


Social media is an integral part of most businesses. It will only continue to evolve, and therefore you must evolve with it. There is still ample opportunity to generate qualified traffic from these websites, but you need to be creative. Always refrain from direct sales on social media, and direct your followers to one of your personal web properties. If you want to build a profitable business, you need to build an email list first. These five social media strategies will help you add more qualified leads into your database.



Daniel Faggella is an email marketing and marketing automation expert with an obsession for customer lifetime value. He runs CLVboost, a boutique email marketing consultancy in Cambridge, MA, and regularly speaks on email marketing strategy. His clients range from venture backed startup companies to eCommerce businesses to established brick-and-mortar businesses.

SOURCE:     http://www.socialmediatoday.com/

IMAGE CREDITS:     http://freshlime.com/

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