4 Ways To Make Money On YouTube

4 Ways To Make Money On YouTube

In my previous article I wrote about how you can make money on the web with a simple website. And in this article I will explain how you can make money without a website, on YouTube. Of course, marketing and monetizing your YouTube channel will be much simpler if you do have a website, so it is good to have one. But for most YouTube monetization, a website isn’t required.

AdSense Ads

The most obvious way to make money on YouTube is through the ads that can be displayed before or during the videos. The ads come from Google and everyone can display them. All a person has to do is sign up for Adsense, which is what the Google ads product is called. Once you are set up with an AdSense account, you can begin displaying ads on your YouTube videos.  The ads are provided by Google so you never have to search for advertisers on your own.

YouTube AdSense ads make about $10 per 1000 views so it is up to you how to scale up the views. In this article I explain how to make money from YouTube. If you would like to learn how to grow your YouTube channel (or business), I post many marketing talks on my own YouTube channel which you are welcome to subscribe to and get much more advice.

Affiliate links

Every YouTube video has a text description of the video below the actual video.  So the next way to make money on YouTube is by adding links to relevant affiliate products in the description of the videos.

For those not familiar with the affiliate sales model, here is a brief explanation. Anyone can become an affiliate reseller of products and services through sites like CommissionJunction and other similar sites. The way those sites work is many big brands place their products there, and you can choose to resell those products which make sense to be sold on your site (or your YouTube channel in this case). If you refer a person who buys a product or a service, you get commission. So you can place your affiliate links in the description section of the YouTube videos and make money by earning affiliate commissions from those links.

Once you become big, sell ads inside the videos

Once your YouTube channel grows and becomes big enough, you can begin to sell promo spots right inside the videos. The way you place a promo inside a video is edit in the custom ads at various intervals of the video. Those ads typically make much more money per view than AdSense ads. Whereas AdSense ads make about $10 per 1000 views, you can sell ads for up to $30-40 per 1000 views. So they are much more lucrative. But to attract the big advertisers, your videos have to consistently get tens of thousands of downloads (or hundreds of thousands) views in order to become a good placement for those kinds of ads.

Granted, this isn’t an option on day one. But I wanted to add this nonetheless to give you the motivation to try your hand at YouTube and grow your channel.

If you do have a website, monetization and promotion possibilities open up

While you do not need a website to be on YouTube, having a website can help you cross-promote the website and the YouTube channel, which will help you grow both. You can grow your YouTube channel by embedding YouTube videos on your site. And you can grow the audience of your site by sending people from YouTube to your site. Additionally, if you have a website, you can make money from YouTube by telling people, right inside the videos or in the video descriptions, to go to your site and try the products that you are selling. If you need to set up a site, here is a step by step tutorial to set up a website without needing tech skills. I put it together for users of my business plan appsso hopefully it becomes handy to you as well.

Alex Genadinik

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